Y’all. How did I let this happen?

I have a two-and-half year old. I am so not okay with this. He’s supposed to stay tiny and sweet forever.


You know, I say that, but two has been the best age ever so far. I know I don’t exactly have a ton of experience with parenting yet and I know I’ve said this at every other age so far, but I love two! I’ll admit that when we first had Jackson I was pretty surprised by the realization that I’m not as big of a baby person as I thought I was. I loved him fiercely and intensely from day one, but the lack of sleep, lack of communication, and lack of engagement was tough for me during the infant and baby stage. As soon as he turned one and started hitting some of those developmental milestones it got so much easier on me – and it’s only gotten better from there! So, lesson learned – I’m a toddler person! Who knew?!


Jackson technically hit two and a half back in July, but it’s been a while since I did an update on him so I figured it was about time. I snapped a few photos (I try to do “good” photos every six months or so) and sat down to write out a few things that I never want to forget about this stage of our lives.


Jackson is rambunctious, hilarious, talkative, and incredibly energetic. He surprised our doctor at his 30-month checkup with how chatty he was, and he’s really at the point where he can fully communicate just about anything that he needs to. It’s lovely to be able to have real conversations with him using actual sentences and have him communicate back so clearly! Of course, with verbal abilities comes the sassiness – and boy, does this kid have some sass. The other day I told him that I was busy and couldn’t play with him and he said, “If you say no you get a time out. That’s the deal. Do you understand?”

Sigh. I’m going to be in trouble when he’s a teenager, aren’t I?

Other than talking, the big milestone around here is potty training! Jackson has been potty trained for a couple of months now and, other than a few issues here and there, it has been pretty smooth sailing. We still have the occasional accident, but it’s rare and most of the time he’s great about telling us when he needs to go. The only issue we have left is that he’s absolutely petrified of public restrooms. As in, complete meltdown when I even mention going into one. So we get to lug his little miniature potty everywhere we go and he pees in the car if he needs to. Awkward! I’m hoping we grow out of that phase stat because I’m OVER it – any suggestions?


Jack has a deep and unfailing love for dinosaurs, garbage trucks, and Frozen. All summer long we raced out to the front yard every Monday morning to watch the garbage truck come by, and Jackson can even tell you which bin is for trash and which is for recyclables (thanks, Blippi!). My sister bought him some Frozen figurines when her family went to Disneyworld and they’ve barely left his sight since he got them – he takes a bath with them almost every night and every time he sees them it’s like he’s discovering them for the first time all over again. Oh and a new obsession is anything superhero-related. He loves all of the Avengers (or “the bengers,” as he likes to all them) and is particularly obsessed with Captain America and Hulk – he claims he’s going to be Hulk for Halloween and I’m going to be Mama Hulk.

Of course, being two years old isn’t all fun and games. We have our fair share of tantrums, meltdowns, and general jerky toddler behavior. He’s still learning how to communicate his emotions without yelling them, and the time-out corner in our house sees action on a daily basis. He still struggles with hitting, but I know he’s got the concept down because if I so much as bump into him on accident he scolds, “You hurt me. That wasn’t very nice, Mama.”


I’m having a blast watching this sweet little boy grow up, and I can’t believe he’s all ours. Some days I’m still baffled that the hospital actually let us take him home and other days I feel like I’ve got this all under control (though that’s much more rare). We’re learning new things and adjusting our parenting techniques pretty much constantly, but every single day we are so grateful to have this crazy little independent, bossy, hilarious, sweet child in our lives.

Now if only I could get him to pee at the dang grocery store.

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Credit: Love and Renovations


  1. Can you ask him what terrifies him about public restrooms? Is it the automatic flushing? If so, keep post it notes in your purse and cover the sensor until he is finished. Is it the bigness of the toilet? You can buy a portable toddler seat on Amazon. Ours folds up and has a plastic bag, I also keep lysol wipes for a quick clean when we’re done. It isn’t the best option, but it might work for gradually easing your way into a public restroom.

  2. How time flies! I have a 25 month old and I have to admit it’s difficult for me. She seems very grumpy and sassy a lot of the time. Still cries a lot. And now she spends half the night in our bed kicking and squirming. I have to admit, though, they can be sweet and a lot of fun.

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